Fee Schedule

Our fees for statistical consulting vary depending on the type of client and the client's circumstances:

Generally, students needing assistance with coursework and doctoral students working on their dissertations cannot afford to pay as much as other types of clients, and consequently the going rate for such students is lower than that for clients in other categories. Doctoral students receiving funding for their research will be charged at the researcher rate.

The rate range of $150 - $250/hour for work performed for business organizations is based upon what it would cost them to hire a full-time employee to do such work, plus a premium for the amount that the firm is is saving by not having to hire a permanent employee. We also take account of the market rate for such consulting services and the  length of a project, with higher rates for shorter projects, and the regularity with which a firm uses our services.

In the case of governmental agencies and non-profit organizations, law, regulation, policies, and/or budgets sometimes constrain the rates they can pay consultants. If this rate is under the rate we would charge to a private sector firm, we will lower our rate to conform to the organization's constraints if the work can be performed during a period when we do not have any commitments to higher paying clients, or the engagement is long term and/or continuing.

Our standard rate for non-testifying work on legal cases is $525/hour. This rate may be negotiated downward on the basis of the client's ability to pay. For testifying work, our standard rate is $750/hour. In civil cases, part of the fee may be paid on an installment basis if the client or the law firm cannot afford to pay the fees up front. Such arrangements are solely at our discretion.

My fees...

Editorial Services


Technical Services:

      Students $125/hour

      Researchers $125 - $150/hour
(negotiable based on budget)

      Business organizations

$150 - $250/hour
(dependent on number of days retained in current calendar year,
market rate for services performed, and ability to pay)

      Governmental agencies &
         non-profit organizations

$150 - $250/hour
(dependent on number of days retained in current year, ability
to pay, and limits on consulting rates)

      Attorneys and litigants

$525/hour for non-testifying time; $750/hour for testifying time;
$375/hour up to 8 hours per day for travel and non-work time away
from home base; (negotiable on the basis of client's ability to pay)



Payment is expected immediately upon delivery of the completed product or service purchased. If services are on a continuing basis, the client will be billed after each increment of 4 hours of billable time accumulates on a project unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Again, payment is expected immediately upon receipt of an invoice  from ProStatServices. A late fee will be charged on outstanding balances starting on the 7th calendar day after the date of the invoice or the date of the email message requesting payment for services rendered. The initial late fee will be 5% of the balance due. This will increase by an additional 5% at the end of each increment of 7 additional calendar days after the invoice/payment request has been sent, pro-rated for each day of the 7 day period. Late fees will be billed separately following receipt of the originally requested payment. The client is liable for all fees and commissions that may be required to collect payment owed to Professional Statistical Services.

Payment in the form of checks will be accepted from established businesses, governmental and nonprofit organizations, attorneys, and previous customers with a sound payment history.

The preferred form of payment from all clients is via credit card through a secure link that will be provided in the payment request from Professional Statistical Services. Individuals who lack a prior business relationship with our company must make their payment by credit card through the aforementioned secure link, by a payment service such as Venmo, or by bank transfer.