We offer high levels of statistical consulting expertise in the following methods and procedures:

1. Statistical Analysis:

  •           Means tests
  •           Analysis of Variance
  •           Analysis of Covariance
  •           MANOVA
  •           MANCOVA
  •           Discriminant AnalysisCorrelation
  • Multiple Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Exploratory Factor Analysis
  • Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Nonparametric Analysis
  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
  • Power Analysis
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Survival Analysis
  • Change Score Analysis
  • Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE)

ProStatServices statisticians are highly proficient in the use of SPSS (including AMOS), Stata, and Minitab, and have additional but lesser capabilities in R, JMP, eViews, and numerous other statistical software systems. In addition, we have expert programmers on our staff who can write programs to conduct highly unusual analyses and to create specialized Excel and Access interfaces for clients' ongoing data acquisition and analysis needs.

2. Management Science, Quantitative Methods for Business:

  •           Linear programming
  •           Integer linear programming
  •          Goal programming
  •          Transportation, Assignment, & transshipment problems
  •          Network problems
  •          PERT/CPM
  • Inventory models 
  • Waiting line (queuing) problems
  • Simulation
  • Decision analysis
  • Time series & forecasting 
  • Statistical Quality Control

3. Test Development and Evaluation:

  •            Item development
  •            Item bias analysis
  •           Item validity analysis
  •           Test validity analysis
  •           Reliability analysis
  •           Rasch analysis and measurement
  • Generalizability analysis
  • Cutoff score analysis (Angoff, Bookmark)
  • IRT for item selection
  • Utility analysis
  • EEO/Adverse Impact analysis

4. Sampling:

  •           Sample size determination
  •           Margin of error estimation
  • Simple, stratified, & multistage sampling
  • Alternative strategies to reduce error

5. Survey Development & Analysis:

  •           Survey development
  •           Scaling
  •           Online survey implementation  (e.g., Survey Monkey and others)
  • Subgroup analysis
  • Contingency table analysis 
  • Preparation of charts and other graphics

6. Database Construction:

           - Data entry
           - Data cleaning
           - Variable transformations

7. Program Evaluation:Criterion development- Criterion development

          - Criterion development
          - Evaluation design
          - Statistical analysis
          - Interpretation of findings

8. Performance Assessment:

           - Scale development
           - Content development
           - Rater training
           - Rater & ratee manual authoring
           - Scoring and analysis

9. Meta-Analysis

10. Monte Carlo data generation for simulation studies:

           - Univariate
           - Multivariate
           - Alternative distributional forms

11. Research Design:

           - Experimental
           - Quasi-experimental
           - Strategies for avoiding threats to validity

12. Matrix Analysis using MatLab

13. SPSS And Excel Macro Programming:

14. Customized Analyses using Visual Basic

15. Editorial Services:

           - Grammar & style editing
           - Formatting (e.g., APA, journal specific)

The capabilities listed above enable us to offer valuable services to our clients.

Specific examples of the services we offer include:

...for business, governmental, and nonprofit organizations:

    • - Assessing the reliability, validity, and freedom from bias of the
    •       organization's selection, appraisal, compensation, and other
    •       HR procedures;
    • - Evaluating the effectiveness of the organization's training and
    •       development programs;
    • - Developing selection and promotion tests;
    • - Developing and/or analyzing surveys of employees and of
    •       customers/clients;
    • - Conducting OFCCP compensation fairness analyses;
    • - Analyzing turnover data to identify likely causes;
    • - Analyzing compensation data in preparation for labor negotiations;
    • - Succession analysis and human resource planning;
    • - Recruitment effectiveness analysis
    • - Analysis of production or service delivery data.‌⁣
    • - Developing financial, marketing, and customer behavior models

...for students needing coursework and project assistance:

      - Helping with assignments in Statistics, Management Science, Research Design, Psychometrics, etc.;
      - Formulating project designs;
      - Developing data collection instruments;
      - Analyzing data and drafting reports of results;
      - Editing reports.

...for doctoral students working on their dissertations:

  •  - Helping you prepare your dissertation proposal by critiquing your hypotheses from the standpoints of their logic and testability; by guiding you
  •          toward a research design that adequately protects against threats to validity; by helping you to determine the needed sample size and
  •         devise an effective sampling strategy; and by helping you to select the appropriate methods to propose for analyzing
  •         your data;
  •  - Once you have collected your data, we can either show you how to do the following, or do these tasks for you:
  •        - set up your database,
  •        - import the database into the statistical analysis system to be used,
  •        - perform the analyses necessary to:
  •               - support your instrumentation and experimental manipulation (if any)
  •               - test your hypotheses
  •               - pursue any supplemental or fortuitous findings
  •  - Writing up a draft of your Results chapter, preparing all tables and figures, adhering in all cases to APA format or to any other format convention
  •         you specify, and editing your entire paper for grammar and readability.

...for researchers:

  •     Whether your needs are for labor intensive tasks like data cleaning, data coding, or data entry, or for more technical tasks like factor analysis,
  •     statistical hypothesis testing, or psychometric analysis, we can help you get from raw data to reportable results quickly and accurately. Dr. Kane
  •     and his colleagues are experienced researchers who know exactly how to efficiently produce the analytical output you want.

...for attorneys:

  •    - Counseling on statistical arguments to support a client's case;
  •    - Specifying data required from the opposing party in to perform
  •          statistical analyses in support of the client's position;
  •    - Helping to anticipate, and develop defenses against, statistically-
  •          based arguments of opposing side's expert witnesses;
  •    - Conducting analyses and preparing reports in support of client's
  •          position;
  • - Conducting analyses and preparing reports in rebuttal of opposing
  •        side's expert witness reports;
  • - Testifying and giving depositions in support of reports of statistical
  •        analyses conducted on client's behalf or on other quantitative or
  •        methodological issues.