Calculator for Breslow-Day and Tarone Tests for Homogeneity of Odds Ratios

The Breslow-Day and Tarone tests are the standard methods for testing the homogeneity of odds ratios. The Tarone test is actually a modification of the Breslow-Day test which produces slightly more accurate p-values, although the difference usually does not become evident until the 3rd decimal place. These tests assess whether the odds ratios for the 2-way contingency tables of two or more groups differ significantly from the common odds ratio. Although a well-known use of these tests is to evaluate whether the Mantel-Haenszel test's assumption of such homogeneity is satisfied, the applicability of these tests extends to the much broader issue of whether the relationship between two binary variables is homogeneous across groups.

Up to now these tests have been inaccessible to many who sought to utilize them due to their being available only in several very expensive or very technically challenging statistical software systems (i.e., SAS, SPSS, Stata, and R). I have developed an Excel macro worksheet for calculating these tests, and made it available for download under the Stats Tools tab of the website, free of charge to anyone. It is currently set up with a limit of 20 strata. If any users require the ability to test the odds ratios of more strata than this, they may contact me (Jeffrey Kane) through this website to arrange the necessary modifications.

The Breslow-Day and Tarone tests calculator can be downloaded by clicking this link: The Breslow-Day and Tarone Tests Calculator (Excel worksheet calculators)